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2018 Ford Explorer SUV | Ford SUV

This beautiful Ford Explorer SUV limited has that standard 2.3 liter ecoboost engine and four-wheel drive.

More of those round corners so it feels a lot bigger than normal it has this big open window it has electronic power steering the wheel is actually heated for your comfort, double clicks and it closed.

The hands-free liftgate just swipe your foot under it and it opens then to close it one more. It closes adjustable seats. It also has the hill descent control which you can see on the front of your jacket.

Got that sync 3 navigation on the LCD screen on the front of your car you can search for fuel or other items around you.

A lot of feature is conveniently placed on the front of your wheel like cruise control and you can adjust the volume 20 inch premium nickel plated aluminum wheels.

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Power outlets you can plug in your iphone or maybe even laptop cord you have that 12-volt power points

You have four of them two in the first row one, in the second row one. In cargo area plus you got that rear climate control, as well easy fuel catalyst fuel filter when you are finally perfect you hit lock it has that power folding mirrors

ford suv explorer 2018

This vehicle it has three different seats setting options and you can save one two or three your seat settings when you turn the vehicle you get 1, 2 or 3, it moves up into your specific seat setting.

It has that dual zone electronic temperature control

This car has to offer it has sink three it has at eight inch, LCD easy to use touchscreen the easy to use. Touchscreen actually hooks up to your smartphone so it can hook up to your Apple play or your Android auto

It has a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can hook up your smart phone and be connected everywhere you go.

It’s got 12 speakers surrounding the car here it’s got that CD player and of course Sirius XM Radio. Bluetooth capability you can use your phone. You can actually access your text messages on there.

It has the multi-contour seats so you can have a massage while you’re driving so that’s gonna help with those long long road trips. Ambient lighting in the car it hooks up to some of the apps on your phone.

This vehicle seriously has so many features.  You have to admit this powerful data speeds is really convenient but just by the click of a button they can fold forward or backwards and lay flat.

Never lose your sunglasses in this ceiling a sunglass holder. And it has two Sun roofs, one in the first row seating and one in the second row.

The front mirrors have a turn signal light on them they have a chrome exterior door handle and you have a garage door opener attached in the front of the car, as well as many features as you can see what is around you with the front facing camera and that’s just some of the things I thought were cool on the 2018 Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer 2018 Interior

ford suv explorer 2018 interior 2
ford explorer 2018 interior 3
ford explorer 2018 interior 2
ford explorer 2018 interior 1
ford explorer 2018 interior
ford suv explorer 2018 interior
ford suv explorer 2018 interior 1

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