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2018 Toyota C-HR | Toyota SUV

The new Toyota CHR is a really interesting looking car and a complete departure from Toyota’s boring designs of the past to be fair some modern Toyota’s do look a little bit questionable that this one it really works.

toyota suv models chr

the Toyota C-HR (Coupe High Rider) is a four-wheel design exercise that, competes with small crossovers like the Honda, HRV Jeep, renegade Chevy, Trax or Mazda cx-3 by size and stance.

toyota suv chr models

The CHR stands taller than a hatchback and the interior offers much of the space and function buyers expect from compact SUVs sitting behind front seat position.

This car is pretty nice the sitting on the whole the materials feel decent enough quality though some are a little bit on the cheap side. The passenger space seem a little bit smaller than it should do on the whole though it’s quite an interesting design.

toyota suv models 2018
toyota suv models

Shape the cupholders like a dimensional, vortex style aside, the cabin includes a decent size center console a sprinkling of storage nooks and makes good strategic use of high quality materials.

No center armrest behind the rear seats hides a cargo area with a fairly high lift over whose 19 cubic foot capacity, sits mid pack among sub compact SUVs. That said, there is one area where the CH are absolutely trails.

The SUV competition Toyota does not sell a CHR with all-wheel drive. So if you demand an SUV with even a light dusting of low traction competence, just keep moseying along there driving.

the CHR s front tires is a 2-liter four-cylinder engine teamed with a continuously variable transmission featuring a manual shift mode.

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it’s a partnership that generates reasonable fuel economy and acceptable, if not particularly thrilling, acceleration a result of the CHR s, chunky curb weight of 3,300 pounds. Despite that, chunkiness the CHR rides and handles well with a firm yet comfortable and refined demeanor,

Good visibility enabled by its elevated ride, height CHR, feels at home in the city or the suburbs, or really wherever you would just drive a car.

2018 Toyota CH-R

the seats are exceedingly comfortable and cruising in the CHR brings the benefits of safety sense P. standard on all CH cars is safety. Sense P, a suite of active safety and convenience features, including full speed, active cruise control, pre collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection and lane departure warning featuring, steering assist that intervenes and helpful refined fashion, though it will occasionally bounce you back across the lake. Usually it’s pretty good beyond safety sense.

As standard on every model you do get an 7-inch touch screen so 2 is a reversing camera and cruise control and it’s pretty well equip this though if you want sat-nav you do have to upgrade to the mid spec model.

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All C-HR include standard cloth, seats, dual zone, automatic climate control for automatic windows, airbags, 18-inch wheels, a 7-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth and USB inputs and an electronic parking brake with automatic brake hold. So you don’t have to keep your foot on the brake pedal at stoplights.

That generous feature list helps explain why the C-HR’s base price around twenty three and a half thousand dollars, including destination, exceeds most subcompact SUVs.

2018 toyota suv chr

Move up from the base trim and you can add, keyless entry with push-button ignition, nice or fabric seats and blind spot monitoring a handy feature given the CH rs4 over-the-shoulder visibility, there’s also an R code option that adds a white roof.

But what’s more interesting are the options that aren’t offered neither leather upholstery or factory navigation is available and, like all Toyotas, the CHR cannot be had with apple carplay and android, auto 4, conveniently controlling the entertainment and information abilities of your phone via the head unit.

If the Toyota CHR seems appealing, you should probably also check out subcompact SUVs like the more efficient and highly functional Honda. Hrv these sporty and fun Mazda cx-3 or the comparatively rugged Jeep renegade.

toyota suv chr 2018

Another potential competitor might be the Kia Soul which, like the CHR, sits high, lacks all-wheel drive and set style at the top of its priority list.

Given its fair weather tendencies, categorizing the Toyota CHR as a crossover SUV, is a little inaccurate and again, when was the last time you took your small SUV offroad.

If anything, the CHR is a more honest expression of what SUV buyers actually want an automotive statement piece. That’S roomier and taller than a car with that in mind, take a moment to really consider your SUV desires.

Toyota C-HR 2018 Interior

toyota chr interior
2018 toyota suv chr interior
toyota suv chr interior
2018 toyota chr interior
toyota chr 2018 interior

Do you value cool features, advanced safety, tech and admiring, or at least inquisitive glances more than you value, rugged pretense?

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